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Men's Ministry

Join the Men's Bible Study on Tuesday Nights!

Men Discipling Men

Our desire in Men’s Ministry is to equip every man at Copper Creek to become the man God has called them to be. We are all on a journey of transformation—to develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and be in constant worship of Him. Our goal is to empower men to have healthy marriages and to lead in their homes, workplaces, and community – all of these things for the Glory of God and His Kingdom.

What Do We Do?

How exactly do we equip men to lead and serve? It all starts with relationships. We cannot expect to effectively invest in lives that we are not personally connected to and involved in. So what do we do? We spend time together. Our men's activities vary from eating and playing sports together to bible study and praying together. We believe that in belonging to a group of friends who care for and affirm men, that real men can thrive in the home and the church. 

If you have questions about Copper Creek Men's Ministry, please contact our office any time!

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